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To understand what the world's going to be like tomorrow, you have to understand China today. And to understand today's China, you have to know what her greatest city—Shanghai—was like yesterday.

Shanghai Grand is a passport to the International Settlement of the 1930s, a time when the foreign-controlled city was the crucible for all the ideologies—western colonialism and Chinese communism, authoritarianism and nationalism, free-market capitalism and globalization—that forged Asian history in the twentieth century, and whose legacy is making history in the twenty-first.

Sir Victor Sassoon
Mickey Hahn
Zau Sinmay

Starting at the Cathay Hotel, an Art Deco masterpiece that still stands on the Bund, the book tells the true-life story of three characters who will live life to the fullest in Shanghai on the eve of the Second World War. To the dismay of Sir Victor Sassoon, the Sephardic Jewish multimillionaire who built a real-estate empire on the mud of Shanghai, the globetrotting flapper Emily "Mickey" Hahn will be drawn into the maelstrom of the Chinese city by Zau Sinmay, a Chinese decadent poet who introduces her to opium and all the pleasures of the Orient...

United States
St. Martin’s Press
United Kingdom

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